Interior Trends for 2019

Interior Trends for 2019
1st December 2018 Ollie Ody

Just how is 2019 just around the corner already? Time may be flying fast but fortunately big interior trends are slow moving. We firmly believe that trends in home interiors are just like those in fashion, take the ideas that you like & that work for you but leave the rest. This interior trends article is purely for #homeinspo should you be needing it but if it’s not your style then have a browse of our other articles which may be more relevant.

Next year we’re simply seeing a slight evolution of those trends we enjoyed this year & last. The pared-back Scandinavian style we adore is evolving to be more eclectic. Cooler tones are moving to warm ones and decor is becoming more detailed.


We have always loved texture but 2019 will be the year to take it up a notch. Velvet became a mainstay material in both fashion & homeware in 2018 but we predict corduroy will be the next big trend. It has the same cosy softness of velvet but with a stronger 70’s vibe.  Fringing & pattern will get stronger on cushions, lampshades & soft furnishings.


Meanwhile there will be some harder textures to contrast with our renewed love of tactile fabrics. Coloured glass will be big in summer 2019 & metallic detailing will be included everywhere on your furniture with added zig zags in gold or clever finishes on wood.

Coloured glassware broste ss18

Each element will be a slight escalation of what we’re used to but when layered together will have oodles of impact.

Colour Palettes

Colour is constantly evolving & deeply personal but we anticipate 2019 to be a year of jewel hues & warm neutrals. Bold navy & emerald green have become very popular for items that don’t get updated regularly such as kitchens or sofas and in contrast to these tones, neutrals are moving away from cool greys to warm taupe or pink.

It’s easy to see why pink has become such a popular colour as there are so many grown-up shades available which are a far cry from the millennial pink we saw all over instagram a few years ago and it compliments so many palettes.

Grey Velvet Sofa Broste Copenhagen

This move towards warmer colours is probably in part because we have been focused on cool shades for so long & partly because of the 70’s revival we’re seeing with deeper textures. However, if you still prefer cool hues expect lilac-lavender shades to creep in over the summer. This will take a little longer to hit the mainstream but we expect muted purple to eventually supersede pink when it comes to accessories & decor down the line.

Broste Copenhagen Cushions


The usual decor pieces won’t be changing but they will be getting more detailed. Think busy, patterned wallpaper not just as a feature wall for a living area but in your kitchen or bathroom. Mirrors in wood or metal work patterns or grouped together to create a bolder feature. We also don’t see our fondness for indoor plants to diminish anytime soon. They are just too damn good at bringing interest & life into a room. Instead, we will be seeing more unique plants becoming more widely available & therefore hitting the main stream.

2019 interior trends black crittall


For a long time ceiling lighting & glass seem to have taken priority over the humble table lamp but we have noticed a shift back toward shades in a variety of quirky textiles & bases with unique shapes or punchy colours.  A welcome change from the filament lighting that has been the universal stamp of cool since 2012 although I’m still quite partial to that industrial look but expect more floor lamps, side lights & sconces with detailed edges such as fringe or scallop trims.

Sustainability will (hopefully!) become more of a consideration.

As with fast fashion, we cannot immediately replace all of our belongings to simply reflect a trend and we’re becoming increasingly aware of the impact our consumerism has on the environment both in terms of production & waste. We have to buy things we truly love & will hopefully continue to love for years to come. This growing mentality of ‘buy less, use more’ may be a contributing factor to our interest in things more detailed.

There is often far more to treasure over an expertly detailed wall paper or cushion than a generic, plain item.



Well, there you have it. Our interior predictions for 2019 are all about ‘more is more’ but not in terms of quantity of stuff, just the style of said stuff. Pieces will simply have more impact, warmth & dare we say a smidge more glamour?

Are you as excited as we are?

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