Interior Trend: Handleless Mugs

Interior Trend: Handleless Mugs
15th May 2017 Ollie Ody

Few things can put a smile on your face quicker than a cup of tea in stylish ceramics and the latest trend is that of handleless mugs. These easy to hold pieces of unique tableware are a brilliant way to update your kitchen, instantly injecting a bit of modernity at a very affordable price.

One of the first brands to really start heroing this look were Danish designers, Broste Copenhagen. Their wonderfully well known Nordic Sea & Nordic Sand Collection offer both handleless mugs & smaller handleless espresso mugs from as little as £5 each.

If you’re after a slightly more monochromatic take on a handleless mug, you should consider the Broste Esrum range. Where as Nordic Sea & Nordic Sand both have a shiny glazed finish, Esrum pieces are half glazed, with a shiny white top & matte charcoal bottom.

The best bit about handleless mugs? The versatility! We have seen so many mugs styled in cool & unique ways. Below are just a few ideas but do let us know if you have any others!

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