How To Embrace Scandinavian Style

How To Embrace Scandinavian Style
3rd May 2017 Ollie Ody

As a UK supplier of several key danish brands such as DAY Home & Broste, we’re a big fan of Scandinavian style and there are a few tips that we can share about how to achieve this cool interior look.

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Muted colour palette

Monochrome shades & muted tones are synonymous with scandi style but black, white & grey doesn’t need to be boring. Done right, it creates a beautiful place to call home. We recommend including subtle shades of colour & pattern through soft furnishings, tiles & small accents like tableware. Mix in subtle pastel tones as these added touches will lift the overall look while still maintaining a fresh aesthetic.

Use of texture

To offset a muted colour palette, add plenty of texture to ensure your interior packs style & doesn’t end up flat. Texture can come from a variety of different furnishings & it’s important to mix it up. If you have polished marble work tops – add chunky wooden chopping boards or hand-fired, unique ceramics. Switch up luxurious textiles such as velvet with industrial concrete features or sheepskins & metal finishes.

Bringing the outdoors, indoors

Continuing on from our theme of texture, natural materials are key to the Scandinavian style aesthetic. Wood can be light & finished or dark & raw but it’s always a feature. The easiest way to add some greenery to your home is to add house plants, read our list of the most stylish house plants.

Keep it cosy

Layers, layers, layers. Think throws, cushions, linens and maybe some fur! Due to their long winters the Scandinavians know how to make the most of darker, colder months. Embrace the culture of hygge which touches on how to be cosy & how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


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