Everything you need to know about black bathroom fittings

Everything you need to know about black bathroom fittings
2nd August 2019 Ollie Ody
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When you’re striving to put your own style stamp on a bathroom, it can be tricky. Especially when each unique design choice usually has a hefty price tag associated to it. In this post we explore everything you need to know about black bathroom fittings so that you can make the best choice for your project.

One of the most obvious ways to add a unique twist to your bathroom is to mix up the hardware. Brass taps & shower heads have been steadily becoming more popular but matte black bathroom fixings are growing in popularity too but are yet to hit the mainstream.black bathstore bathroom

Black fittings instantly makes you think of a chic brooklyn bathroom, complete with crittal shower doors & signature indoor plant. Then the reality hits – you don’t live in a trendy metropolis, limescale could be a real issue & surely it’s mad-expensive for a style that might date real quick. This could be the ageing millennials answer to an avocado suite.

Here’s the thing – it’s not *that* much more than stylish, high quality steel. It’s popular enough to be widely available but still adequately unique for it to have some time before it goes mainstream. We would estimate it’s still for the early adopters right now & will probably be good for another 5-10 years. Even then I doubt its going to be so unappealing that people will be aghast if they see it.

The key is to picking the RIGHT pieces – as with brass or silver – not all black hardware is alike.

Which interior style is black bathroom fittings best suited to?

Black tapware is perfect for the style conscious homeowner who wants to make a statement but perhaps doesn’t necessarily have the space or budget for a freestanding bath / double sink / walk-in shower scenario. Partner with relatively inexpensive tiles, you can create a very modern look cost-efficiently.

It isn’t just the colour though – the shape & finish of black hardware tends to be modern, sleek & matte. This means that it works well in both a modern home & when juxtaposed with older properties such as city terraces where exposed brick or sloped walls have texture.

Does black bathroom hardware wear well & is it easy to clean?

In our experience, yes. Between the soap suds, toothpaste dribbles & various ablutions, the great irony of a room dedicated to cleanliness is that it requires more scrubbing than any other room in the house. Given black hardware is much darker and generally matte, the biggest fear is that it will ‘show up’ all of the marks if you’re anything less than Mrs Hinch levels of clean. Don’t worry – this is not the case. You won’t get any more water marks or unsightly spots than you would with standard stainless steel. In fact, I think the matte black in our bathroom looks & is easier to manage than the steel we originally had.

The key, as with 90% of unique materials, is not to use anything too abrasive. Standard cleaning products are fine but do not use a scouring pad or anything scratchy. We love the to spray a little Method, then wipe with a soft cloth, to keep things in check with minimal effort.

Where is the best place to buy black bathroom fittings?

It’s unlikely that if you walk into your average bathroom showroom outside of the M25 that you will find black bathroom fittings. They are becoming far more popular though, so much so that a quick google search will give you plenty of choice.

We bought our fittings from the bathroom store without viewing in advance because the shop didn’t have any examples in the showroom. Frankly, they have transformed our bathroom (for a full bathroom before and after take a look at our renovation blogs).

Not all bathroom fittings are available in matte black. The toilet flush was one small piece that didn’t look right in chrome so we simply sanded, primed & painted ours using Hycote Matt Black spray. You should also be aware that most heated towel rails are available in ‘anthracite’ rather than black. In my opinion, our towel rail was far enough away from the black hardware that you wouldn’t notice but it’s definitely not an exact match.

I’m always curious to hear/see how everyone else styles their house so please share photos of what you have decided to go with – you’ll find us on Instagram @HouseEightySeven!


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