Five Stylish House Plants for 2017

Five Stylish House Plants for 2017
14th November 2016 Emily Shaw

The easiest way to instantly refresh a room, is with an injection of greenery. These plants have all been growing in popularity and are sure to be the big trends for 2017.

plant pots by Broste


Looking for a different take on the classic succulent? Try the cacti, available in all colours, shapes & sizes this spikey fellow is easy to maintain and can work in any space. Try a selection of small ones on desks, shelves or bookcases or the more grown-up tall cacti next to an accent chair.

Snake Plants

This beauty has been growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why. It’s vertical leaves are perfect for those that want an impactful plant that takes up little space.


A key ingredient in any bouquet – these leaves are equally beautiful on their own. This little plant is perfect for small bathrooms or bedrooms with it’s refreshing fragrance.


Spotted in every trendy restaurant in Copenhagen, these guys are almost impossible to kill. Yes, even if you forget to water them for months on end. The variety of colours available , low cost and low maintenance of Heather ensure theres no excuse.


These may require a little more TLC but what you invest in time you’ll soon gain back by always having fresh ingredients on standby! The easiest are mint, rosemary & basil.


If you’re looking for a little more inspiration, check out our selection of plant pots.

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