Our Plastic Pledge

Our Commitment

From the beginning, Feather & Marble’s top priority has been to run an ethical & sustainable  business. This is reflected in the stock that we buy & our day-to-day operations.

Key to this, is ensuring that we package your order so it arrives on your doorstep safe and secure – ready for you to enjoy. However due to the fragile nature of many of our products we do need to use considerable packaging in order to protect your items while they are in transit and this often requires cardboard and plastic.

The following page pledges our commitment to minimising packaging waste and making a conscious effort to source materials that are responsibly made, effective during use and recyclable upon disposal.

Below is a breakdown of all our various packaging components which we might use when sending an order…

Cardboard Boxes

Our double walled cardboard boxes are made from recycled material. They can be reused or recycled.

Inner Plastic Packaging:

Our air filled cushion bags are 100% recyclable. We are in the process of sourcing bags made from previously recycled plastic.

Inner Shredded Cardboard Packaging:

You may notice the odd word or logo which has nothing to do with Feather & Marble. This is because our shredded cardboard filler is made from 100% recycled cardboard that has often been used for something else prior to being used by us. This packaging is degradable & 100% recyclable.

Bubble Wrap:

Our bubble wrap is 100% recyclable. We have previously experimented with bubble wrap made from 100% recycled materials however the quality was simply not good enough but we are always open to recommendations.

Other Internal Packaging:

Existing customers may have noticed internal cardboard providing additional protection for their orders (especially for heavy / large orders). This ‘waste’ cardboard is sourced from our old boxes or from neighbouring businesses on the industrial estate where we operate our warehouse. Afterall, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Brown Sellotape:

100% recyclable and biodegradable making it much more environmentally friendly than polypropylene alternatives.

Clear Sellotape:

Are current stock of clear tape contains no mention of material sourcing or environmental credentials but is 100% recyclable. We are in the process of switching to a Strong PP backing made from 100% recycled plastic with Solvent-free adhesive and a cardboard core made from 100% recycled cardboard.

Shipping Labels

We use a thermal printer so that there is no need for ink or toner cartridges & therefore the disposal of the empty plastic cartridges. Once printed the labels cannot be reused but they can be recycled alongside the rest of the box.