The Short Story:

Feather & Marble is an online shop, selling unique home interior & lifestyle products.

Established in 2016 after a trip to Copenhagen, husband & wife team, Emily & Ollie started to import key pieces from Denmark and two years later we’re still here sourcing different products & doing what we love.


The Long Story:

During a trip to visit a friend living in Copenhagen in October 2016 we wound up in a small restaurant off of Nyhavn to escape the bitter cold & refuel from a day of cycling around the city. We had been told that Kompasset was a great place to try a Smørrebrød, the Danish traditional open sandwich – it didn’t disappoint.

As the waiter brought out various plates – it became clear that the attention to aesthetics mirrored the quality of the food. The setting was an interior lovers dream & the oval plates laden with wild flowers stood out. Inquisitive about the style of these oval serving dishes & the unique finish, we asked the waiter who supplied their tableware & the answer was a local brand called Broste Copenhagen, neatly written out for us on a business card.

Back in the UK a few days after the long weekend abroad, Emily was curious about the Danish brand called Broste & after a little research; it became clear that she wasn’t the only one. The iconic tableware had a lot of fans but buying it online wasn’t easy. Fortunately, we had a digital consultancy which specialises in just that!

Texture was to become the heart of Feather & Marble and is the reason behind the company name – the hard & soft materials that feature heavily in home interior design. Rich textiles, handmade ceramics, embroidered detailing – these are the little extras that elevate a piece to be that little bit more special are all part of the ethos behind our shop and you won’t find anything on the website that doesn’t reflect this artisan attention to detail.

After producing a website within a month of that first visit to Copenhagen, the first delivery of goods was taken a few days later and much to our surprise – the first sale was that same week. Since that first order, we have received so many emails, phone calls & other orders through the website and just want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped us turn this passionate side project into a fully fledged business.


  1. Interesting interiors: We continue to take care in selecting & curating key pieces and our original Danish suppliers have expanded to feature a broader range of designs & trends from around the world.
  2. Sustainability: We have also worked very hard to make Feather & Marble a sustainable business with 2018 focusing heavily on how we package & deliver our products in the most eco-friendly way (you can read more about our plastic pledge)  We’re also working hard on providing tips on how to reduce waste at home, we haven’t got all the answers yet but we’re learning!
  3. Keeping it real: In an Instagram age, we’re very conscious of promoting the unrealistic. We want our products & blog features to be as relevant for someone in a rented flat or first home as they are for someone with a larger property. We’re advocates of buying less, cherishing more and LOVE to share how our products are used in your home.


We are constantly looking for new suppliers, often spotting individual makers & designers through channels like Instagram as well as from traditional tradeshows. We also endeavor to ensure our products are responsibly sourced & manufactured. If you have any questions, please get in touch or if you’re interested in having your products stocked, please send us an email to hello@featherandmarble.com


Trade Partners:

Restaurant owner or professional interior designer? Chat to us about special rates & delivery terms. We can also source extra pieces from some collections which aren’t on the website.


Feedback & Reviews:

As a growing business your feedback is so important to us. Please get in touch via email hello@featherandmarble.com or leave a review, this can be done at the bottom of any product page.